Say “Hello” To is a new feature on the blog where we’ll introduce you to the many wonderful and talented fashion designers, jewellers and ceramicists that supply the store.
First up is Celeste, the designer behind Selfi a local ladies wear range based in Cape Town.


  1.  When did you start making clothes, are you self taught or did you study? I graduated from cape technicon studying fashion design in 2007. I started Selfi in 2009. My grandfather was a tailor and both my parents are in the clothing industry. I’ve always recreated my own clothes and inevitably grew more in love with this expression.
  2. Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?                                         I have many references. I started off playing around with lots of folds this then led to drawing more inspiration from origami. Now I do look at various trends and adopt my own architectural or playful signature towards my designs.
  3. From concept to end product, how long does it take?                                               It depends if its a collection or 1 piece. But the piece would take a day. But the idea gets generated weeks before.
  4. Do you stick to one type of fabric or do you experiment with a few every season? I like experimenting every season. But I stick to one sort of quality standard and try and not use anything synthetic.
  5. Do you come up with a theme for each season or does each item of clothing stand on their own?                                                                                                               I don’t really work with themes. For each collection I’ll have a existing motif or fold lines that run through each item that combines the range. Colours and fabrics also are selected to create harmony between each range.
  6. What’s been the most challenging thing about starting your own label/ business?    Getting exposure. It takes time to be taken seriously as a brand.
  7. Was having your own business always something that you dreamt of doing or did it just evolve into what it is now?                                                                                I’ve always wanted to have my own brand. So its something I’ve always wanted and still want.
  8. Do you have a partner that you can bounce ideas and concepts off or you work best alone?                                                                                                                     I’m on my own at the moment. It does get lonely some times, but that’s why its good to have other designer friends you can chat with about your business.
  9. And finally,  what’s you favourite place in Cape Town and why? It can be anything; a restaurant, cafe shop, park, bar , etc.                                                                     My favourite place at the moment would have to be the sauna at zone fitness gym.
Here are some images of Selfi’s previous ranges. For more images or further information visit her site:

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