Meg Sums – Fabric

Say “Hello” to Meg Sums, who’s the creative mastermind behind a local clothing label called Fabric. We asked Meg a few questions to find out a little more about her and her amazing brand.


  1. How long have you been designing clothes? I think I’ve been designing clothes for at least ten years, loosing track of time…
  2. What are you most inspired by? My inspirations come from anything Japanese, crazy prints, vintage detailing and my mom
  3. Your label is called ‘Fabric’ can one assume that fabric, textures and prints play a large role in the brand? Yep! It’s is all about the feel and look of the fabric.
  4. I’ve always like that you make a limited amount of your styles, is this intentional or is it purely based on the availability of fabric? I like my designs to feel exclusive and because I play a big part in the production I can only make a certain amount before it starts evolving into something else. And yes, I spend lots of time looking for unusual and natural fabrics and generally they are just limited amounts, it feels special and part of me when there are just a few.
  5. What can we expect to see from you for Summer 2012/13? Very colourful African prints, contrasting stitching, late mid century influence and pockets.
Awesome, we’re looking forward to seeing more of your original and interesting designs.
Here are a few photos of Meg’s latest styles.
*All images are courtesy of Meg Sums.


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